The Scarecrow Effect

I heard the story first, then got to see the scarecrow and take its picture.  So let’s start with the story, shall we?

My brother and his dear wife live on a small acreage where they enjoy nearby hunting and fishing, gathering and burning firewood,  feeding the birds and deer.  It’s a quiet, rather lovely place.  They really like it there!

My brother, Jack, was telling me that they were being bothered by a big dog coming from a home behind their property barking at the squirrels and deer and being a real pain.   Of course it would come down very near their home and not only that but barked both day and night, at anything that moved.

Well, Jack, who is not well known for his artistic ability took two glass eyes normally used in taxidermy work as mountain sheep eyes, cut a face of sorts out of plywood, added a hat and a set of coveralls = one scarecrow.

  This he hung in a tree at the back of his property facing the house where the dog lived.      Later that day, the dog spotted this smiling man who looked straight at him “without blinking!

What struck me so funny was, the big dog barked day and night for 3 days, and finally went back home and stayed there.  Problem solved.

This was pretty effective and no harm was done, but I look at drawing parallels where possible.  There are quite a number of well meaning people who shun the Bible, while honoring idols of all sizes.  That’s a freedom they have, but I found a verse in Jeremiah chapter 10 that I’d like to show you.  It’s verse 5, and goes like this.

“Like a scarecrow in a melon patch, their idols cannot speak; they must be carried for they cannot walk.  Do not fear them; they can do no harm nor can they do any good.”          A scarecrow might put a barking dog to flight but other than that it is useless, having no ability to do anything good or bad, just like the handmade idols.

I hope you enjoyed the little story.

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