Now Music CD


The whole set is quite brilliant: the tunes are well crafted, the lead guitar and mandolla chops are very tasty, and the backup singers’ pitch and arrangements are off the chain.


I am always delighted to share my songs - here are 5 more original songs of mine.   I hope you'll enjoy the tunes and musicians and especially the addition of female background singers on this  "Now" CD.

Check out my new video for the title song.

  • The 1st song expresses the joy I have in life as a Christian.  The lyrics point out the fact that "I didn't always walk with the Lord".   But "now" that I am, I'm one of the happiest people on earth.
  • The 2nd song  is based on Psalm 46, and about being still - stopping the striving long enough to find out that the Lord is God!  Then we discover that He is a Mighty Fortress where we can live every day.  I've put in a whole instrumental verse featuring acoustic and electric guitars harmonizing.
  • In song 3, I express my take on King David's song explaining what life is like as one of the sheep in God's pasture.  This song speaks of trusting the Lord and reaping the benefits of His abundant provision.  "Now" I desire to listen to the Shepherd's voice and follow Him wherever He leads.  May it be so.
  • I wrote song 4 about taking the "old train home" into the heavenly realm.  In this piece, I brought out my mandolla to give it a "happy feeling" and tried making my guitar sound like the train whistle blowing.   "All aboard!".
  • Jesus said it about two thousand years ago and now I repeat it with some urgency.   Song 5 states that "The harvest fields are white" and what we should do about it.  Until Jesus Christ returns, there's "still a lot of work to do."  That is likely the most sobering thought on this album.

I keep getting songs from the Lord - may they be a blessing to you.

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