Well, hello there!

I'm a singer, songwriter and guitarist.  Welcome to my website.

I was born and raised on  the east coast of Canada where music was part of everyday life.  Now my wife and I are living on Vancouver Island - let the music continue.

At an early age, perhaps 8 years old, I began to play ukulele and discovered singing harmony was natural. There always seemed to be a jam session in the works with guitar, piano, accordion, banjo and spoons. My dad could play the button accordion and my mom specialized on the piano accordion.

My folks bought a beater of a guitar which we didn't even know how to tune, so we tuned it our own way and learned a homemade way of playing.

Then an older cousin showed us the proper tuning and a few chords. From there things began to jell and move ahead. I saved up enough money over quite a period of time to pay for half of the cost of a brand new guitar. As time goes by, I'll share more about my beginnings.



I got your CD yesterday. Thanks, I love it. Congratulations on a job well done. You have such a beautiful way with the guitar. I especially like the last song (Nothing New Under the Sun). I look forward to hearing you in person in Calgary.
H.E.BC Canada
Dear Phil, I play your CD a lot, enjoy it and love it. Don’t ever stop.  
The whole set is quite brilliant: the tunes are well crafted, the lead guitar and mandolla chops are very tasty, and the backup singers’ pitch and arrangements are off the chain.
Such wonderful arrangements, instrumental playing, lovely background singing. Truly an excellent production in every respect. ‘Perfection’!
G & S, Qualicum Bay, BC
Hi Phil, here’s some feedback on your CD. Let me say first of all that I love the arrangements. the riffs, intros and endings, the instruments and the ebb and flow of the songs. I think my favorite was “Love is like Music” – the  minor key feel and the “weighty” riff. After the piano solo, the instruments were quiet providing a lot of dynamics. All your songs have a hook – in addition to good lyrics. With all the hooks, I had them constantly running through my brain (even at 3:00 in the morning,…