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I got your CD yesterday. Thanks, I love it. Congratulations on a job well done. You have such a beautiful way with the guitar. I especially like the last song (Nothing New Under the Sun). I look forward to hearing you in person in Calgary.
H.E.BC Canada

Out of my ever growing book of songs I choose these five for my first go at producing a CD.  

  • The 1st song speaks about there being enough evidence for the existence of God, because "Truth is clearly standing there, knocking on your door."
  • The 2nd song came from simply singing the first line, which is, "Love is like music to the soul" and came to compare the earthly bread to the heavenly bread, which I refer to as the "True Bread" - and New Wine to express the new life we have as believers.
  • Song 3, which is lighter, has a teaching kind of feel saying things like "Everything's connected with a purpose in mind". The fiddle needs a bow and the bow needs rosin - we are to find God's purpose for us.
  • When I was writing song 4, I started with the chorus, which comes at the end of the song, after 4 verses. This is a song with sadder lyrics recounting the events of the flood, but reflects on the goodness of God to give human kind a chance at starting all over. The chorus of this song is the most worshipful.
  • I guess that travelling to three nations where poverty abounds gave me the inspiration to write the first lines of song 5. That is - "I have seen clothing with patches on patches" and the third line which goes, "Children playing on dirty dirt floors". There isn't anything really new - not under the sun - only God's mercy is new every morning!           

I do hope that you will enjoy the songs I selected for this album.

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